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Do you remember cruising Lansdale when you were younger? Spending a ridiculous amount of time (and gas) driving up and down Main & Broad St., again and again. Be it with your first car  (that ran most of the time), your pride and joy street rod (shade tree mechanic be proud) or your parents car (that you begged to borrow), you were out with friends or meeting new ones. 
Come out and relive this old enjoyable past time of cruising like “American Graffiti” along Main and Broad Streets. Back in the day Lansdale was a cruising hotspot and for our 6th year we will once again be taking a trip back in time but for a good cause.

Unlike other ‘Cruise Nights’ you’ve heard or 
seen, this one is not just about the cars, not just another car show in a parking lot. This cruise is also about the people. Whether you are walking, riding or driving, doesn’t matter (though cool cars are cool).

The cruise route is still there! It may have been buried in our minds, lost with a later generation and forgotten with changed names and renovations, but it is still there, yearning to be revisited.

Franks’s Pizza (old Nino’s Pizzeria) W. Main St. to The Lansdale Pavilion (A&P, I Got it at Gary’s, Drug Emporium) Broad St.

Cruise Route:   West on W. Main St. , Right on N. Mitchell Ave, Left on Mill St., Right into parking lot, Loop around back on Mill St., Right on N. Mitchell, Left on W. Main St., Right on S. Broad St., Left into The Lansdale Pavilion parking lot, Loop back around to go north on S. Broad St., Left on W. Main St…..repeat.

Basic Rules:
  • The Lansdale Reunion Cruise is open to all cars (though cool cars are cooler).
  • Traffic Laws and Town Ordinances will be enforced.
  • The car must be road-worthy and registered,
  • All passengers should be wearing seatbelts.
  • No tire burn outs!!!
  • Absolutely No alcohol on the streets.
  • No exhaust flames or hydraulics allowed.

More cruise night information: Registration starts at 4:30pm, At 5:00pm we will start line up of the cars along Madison Street starting at Main St. (behind the ribbon) and then Madison Parking Lot.  6:00pm is the start of the "Prelude to the Cruise" car show. The cars will be on display until the ribbon cutting. At 7:30 (30 minutes before the ribbon cutting) there will be a drivers meeting in Railroad Plaza.

Then at 8:00pm the Mayor, Little Miss Lansdale and representatives from Manna on Main St. will cut the ribbon to officially open the Lansdale Cruise. After the ribbon is cut the cars will parade out onto Main St. (right hand turn) and begin the cruise. Once onto Main St. drivers have the option of following the cruise map which replicates much of the cruise route that was used in Lansdale for several decades. They can make a full lap, 2 laps, 3 laps or stop anywhere along the way.  There is a parking lot at each end of the cruise route.  

At 10:00pm we will make our way back to Railroad Plaza to choose our raffle winners and hand out our various special awards.

Registration is just $10 donation with at least 3 canned goods.
If you do not bring canned goods we will sell you some for an additional $5 for 3 cans.
(though a bag full is much better)

The Cub Scouts will also be collecting food items from spectators for Manna on Main Street.
Please consider bringing a few can good items with you to donate.

Don't forget to get your 2016 Lansdale Cruise Night T-shirt
Proceeds go to Manna on Main Street.


Congrats to all of our 2015
Lansdale CruiseNight Award Winners

LONGEST DISTANCE: Chris Baker from West Palm Beach, FL in his 191967 Ford Cobra. He left before the awards, I guess to get a head start home.
MOST COLORS: George Emanuel Runer with his 1988 Mitsubishi Precis, not sure what that was but was very imaginative.
MOST LIT UP: Rod& Pat Reitz with their 1923 Ford T-Bucket
BEST LAND YACHT: Rodney Upbegrover (sp?) and his awesome 1954 Cadillac Series 62 ...
MOST ACCESSORIES: Frank Brown and his ‘full of stuff’ 1987 GMC Pickup Truck
BEST ANTENNA BALL: Jay Garner with his 1940 Chevy Coupe (2 time winner)
BEST HOOD ORNAMENT: Joe O’Brien and his 1933 Plymouth Sedan with it’s flying pig. Another 2 time winner but with a different ornament.
BEST WORK IN PROGRESS: David Peters and his 1968 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, but I think it if perfect the way it is.
BEST CLUB PARTICIPATION: ‘Mopar Maniacs’ had the numbers
MOST LIKELY TO GET PULLED OVER: Ronald Baker 1966 Chevy Chevelle, he didn’t get pulled over this night but heard he did not too long ago.
BEST NON TYPICAL CRUISE VEHICLE: Harold Beccher 1999 Ford F-350, big and wide.
BEST FEMALE OWNED CAR: Michaela Brass and her very sharp looking 1972 Dodge Charger, soo many female owned cars, though choice.

Congrats to all of our 2014
Lansdale Cruise Night award winners!

Longest Distance:
Vince Wilczynski did the long drive from Wolmesdorf, PA in his 1965 Plymouth Barracuda. Still not sure where that is.
Most Colors: Ron Adam with his 1951 Ford Coupe
Most Lit Up:
Rod& Pat Reitz with their 1923 Ford T-Bucket

Best Land Ya
David Peters and his 1968 Satin Black Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Most Accessories: Jim Daneker and his loaded up big Dodge Ram truck
Best Antenna Ball: Jay Garner with his 1940 Chevy Coupe  
Best Hood Ornament: Joe O’Brien and his 1933 Plymouth Sedan with it’s dragon that was just having too much of a good time.
Best Work in Progress: Travis Clemens and his 1954 Chevy 210
Best Club Participation:
B-Out Nation who showed up in full force

Most Likely to Get Pulled Over: Frank Gary, showing good restraint with the gas pedal, and his 1967 Ford Fairlane.  
Best Non Typical Cruise Vehicle: Gary Schnable with his 1991 Cadillac Hearse, enuff said.   Cruise Committee Choice: Jon Doughty and his very sharp looking 1957 Chevy Bel-Air looking like it just drove off the screen from American Graffti.
   Please note, decisions by judges are final, any problems please try again next year.
We have a lot of fun with our awards. That’s the theme of our show, ‘fun’. And we are always listening for ideas to add to our fun awards lineup. Let us know your thoughts or suggestions. Heard a couple good suggestions this year and have one suggested last year that we are figuring how to incorporate it.



    The 2013 Lansdale Cruise Night was a lot of fun. I believe everyone had a great time judging by the mile of smiles. I just want to give a BIG THANKS to all the area businesses that support the cruise, the car owners & spectators that helped support Manna on Mian St., Dave with K-Ratz Entertainment, the 'My Brothers Band' band, Discover Lansdale and the Cruise Night committee that make the whole thing possible.

Congrats to all of our 2013 Lansdale Cruise Night award winners!

Longest Owned: George & Carol Walter 60 years, 1950 Dodge Truck. George noted that he cruised Lansdale in that truck in the 50’s.
Longest Distance: Scott Shive did the long drive from Willis, VA in his 1992 Ford Mustang
Most Colors: Tony Fischer with his 1970 VW Funbuggy…er…I mean Dunebuggy
Most Lit Up: Tom Beerley & family with their 1999 GMC sChOOL BUS, with all the typical bus lights and added colorful rope lights.
Best Land Yacht: Frank Brass III and his good looking 1962 Chrysler 300
Most Accessories: Joseph Klaumenzer and his decked out 1956 Desoto Firedome
Best Antenna Ball: Chris Mills and his sharp looking 1967 Oldsmobile 442
Best Hood Ornament: Ron Adams and his 1947 Pontiac Streamliner that just screams “cool”.
Best Work in Progress: Al Knoedler and his 1969 Ford Fairlane
Best Club Participation: Those great Mini Cooper lovers ‘Philly Mini’
Most Likely to Get Pulled Over: Alan Costanza and his 1983 Ford Mustang didn’t get pulled over this week but I think I heard he did the week before.
Cruise Committee Choice: Had too much fun with Matt Messa Jr. and his 1966 Seagrave Firetruck.

We have a lot of fun with our awards. That’s the theme of our show, ‘fun’. And we are always listening for ideas to add to our fun awards lineup. Let us know your thoughts or suggestions. Already heard a good suggestion, ‘Best Female Owned Car’. Hmmmm?

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